Millbrook COVID-19

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Millbrook First Nation is taking immediate steps to ensure the safety, health and comfort of our band members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Millbrook Band Administration is closing effective March 16th to help facilitate social distancing and minimize the spread of the virus.


  • $625.00 of the June 2020 Treaty Grants will be advanced to help offset some of the costs families are facing during this time. There is no application. The band is using the November 2019 Treaty Grant database as the fastest option to get this money to band members. If you do not wish to have this advance you can contact Arleen Gillis at arleengillis@eastlink.ca, however, the window to contact her will be short as all payments are being processed asap.


  • The Millbrook Health Centre will be open by appointment only. If it is decided by staff you need an in-person appointment, please wait outside (in your car) before your appointment. Health Centre staff will let you know when to enter the Health Centre.


For more details, you contact Chief Bob Gloade at bgloade@msn.com

Bookmark this link to official Millbrook updates: https://www.millbrookband.com/covid-19-updates as well check the Millbrook’s Official Community Site on Facebook.