Millbrook Community Cannabis Survey

By May 12, 2020No Comments

The purpose of the “Community Cannabis Survey” is to better understand the opinions of Millbrook band members as they apply to cannabis use, regulation and the band’s role in regulating it on-reserve. Furthermore, the results of this survey will be shared with the community and could be used to guide any policy writing related to community cannabis regulation.

The information gathered from this survey will be kept anonymous and confidential. When data collection is completed, results will be made public to the community. When the time comes, names will not be included in the analysis and responses will be reported in percentages (%) to reduce the risk of identifying individual respondents. We will be collecting surveys (digital and paper copies) from May 1, 2020 until May 31, 2020.

SURVEY LINK HERE —-> https://www.millbrookband.com/surveys