Millbrook Mi'kmaq First Nation

Dear Millbrook band members,

I would like to begin by acknowledging my nominators, ­­­Danny Paul and Karen Pictou. Thank you, your nomination is greatly appreciated.

REFERENDUMS: Over the past two years we’ve had several Millbrook referendum votes. The band membership transfer referendum in January 2019 and the 1919 Land Claim and Sheet Harbour – Shannon Park Land Claim transfer referendums in November 2019. These community votes, just like our elections, are important ways for all band members to have a say in our matters.

Before we spend a dollar of the 1919 land claim settlement, I’d like to see a community survey of where the money should be spent. A list of many options should be presented and then band members could rank their top 5. Options can include ideas such as Shannon Park land purchase (adjacent to our land transfer area), recreational land purchases, ceremonial/historical significant land purchases, economic development areas, investment in green energy/climate friendly initiatives, and more!

The survey would lead to a strategic land claim investment plan where Millbrook would layout the land purchase and economic development priorities tied to the top ranked survey results. Millbrook would provide report updates on the investment plan bi-annually until the land claim funds are spent.

COMMUNICATIONS: Council minutes have not been provided in a timely manner. A motion was passed in November 2019 for posting of council minutes no later than 60 days after a council meeting. Let’s see better communication of council minutes onward.

So, a bit about me.

EXPERIENCE: I have over 27 years experience in a combination of Mi’kmaw government/organizations and Aboriginal-specific government roles. I am currently a Senior Policy Advisor of Aboriginal health for the Nova Scotia Department of Health & Wellness. Determinates of Mi’kmaw health affect us all. This goes beyond health factors such as diabetes, heart disease, mental health, and cancer but includes having good job prospects, working towards climate change goals, incorporating our traditional knowledge and practices, just looking out for one another, and more.

EDUCATION: I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Saint Mary’s University. Nuture your geek side as much as you can 🙂  I am always thankful for Millbrook’s support of my education over the years.

My wife Laura and I live in Kjipuktuk (Halifax) with our young children Oscar and Hazel. It’s a busy household and we enjoy it every day, though some days are exhausting. Why can kids socks be so hard to put on in the morning?!

I’ve relaunched my website GORDFORCOUNCIL.CA and hope it is more user friendly for you. I can post updates easier with the new format. Please feel free to contact me via phone/text at 902-830-1764, email at and Facebook.

I hope I can have you support for the 2020 Millbrook election.


Gord Johnson

Millbrook COVID-19

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Millbrook First Nation is taking immediate steps to ensure the safety, health and comfort of our band members during the COVID-19 pandemic. Millbrook Band Administration is closing effective March 16th…

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